NL gov wants to revoke NL nationality for expat Dutch people

Aside from the fact that NL is a trading nation and thus has a disproportionate amount of people living and working outside of the Netherlands and thus having multiple nationalities, it makes it seem like having the Dutch nationality is like being a member of some kind of exclusive club. What nonsense! Being a member of a nationality gives you rights and privileges by being born into or having worked your way into a certain way of thinking. Your nation – the one that exists by the grace of your taxes – is indebted to you as an invidual and should protect you and the way of life you represent.

For minister Donner to try to reduce the amount of protection as well as xenophobically pushing away excellent candidates for nationality is a symptom of times where we are pushed to hate each other instead of trying to grow together in humanity. OK, that might sound a bit idealistic, but shouldn’t you be trying to recruit people into your way of thinking, into the nationhood that you want to promote globally, instead of repelling them?

Expat-Nederlander wil twee paspoorten houden – Binnenland – VK.

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