NL Minister Blok takes flying leap from reality in criticism of open source

The minister states that he thinks (his vision is backed by a bunch of closed source software vendors [Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, KPN, CapGemini, Ordina, ATOS, CGI and IBM]) that not having to buy licenses is offset by the costs of having to manage and pay for the deployments of open source software (OSS). Which is free for closed source. Oh, no. It isn’t. He also states that customising the software costs money for development, whilst forgetting that at least OSS can be customised and closed source is vendor dependent – you try customising a Microsoft product!

Minister Blok (Wonen en Rijksdienst

Source: Aanbieding 2e voortgangsrapportage uitvoering kabinetsreactie op Eindrapport Tijdelijke commissie ICT | Kamerstuk |

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