Parliament for the people! Adhocracy / LiquidDemocracy / LiquidFeedback

Adhocracy is a policy drafting tool for distributed groups. It allows members of organizations or the public to compose or vote documents that represent the policy of the group.

In order to allow cooperation, Adhocracy uses LiquidDemocracy, a set of ideas that include delegating a user’s voting rights to another to enable both active and passive participation in the process. We also implement ideas from Direkter Parlamentarismus, a theory of mass participation in parliamentary processes.

An alternative is LiquidFeedback, an open-source software, powering internet platforms for proposition development and decision making.

The basic idea is a democratic system in which most issues are decided (or strongly suggested to representatives) by direct referendum. Considering nobody has enough time and knowledge for every issue, votes can be delegated by topic. Furthermore delegations are transitive and can be revoked at any time. Liquid Democracy is sometimes referred to as Delegated or Proxy Voting.

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