US turns wikileaks into fiasco. Terrorism is dropped.

Yup – instead of just having been embarrassed and pointing out that every country makes the same kind of internal assessments, that these have to be brutally honest internally in order to be effective and then getting on with it, the US is flipping.

H Clinton, the mad spying control freak, is now claiming it’s an ‘attack’ on the ‘whole international community’. Who is she kidding? And now a senator wants WikiLeaks to be considered a terrorist organisation.

It’s not like the information released was really a big deal. Embarrasing? Yes. Devastating? No.

Get a grip, US. We’ve had enough of being dragged into vague, undefinable wars by you. Use diplomacy, not violence, for once.

WikiLeaks as Terrorists? – Chris Good – Politics – The Atlantic.

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