‘No one understands outsourcing the management of .nl domains to Amazon’

At the beginning of February, SIDN was in the news after announcing that it wanted to outsource part of its services to Amazon Web Services, the American web giant. According to SIDN, the reason for the outsourcing was that implementation on its own servers had become too expensive and too labor-intensive.

Van Eeten: ‘SIDN has not provided any explanation as to how on earth it ended up at Amazon. I can imagine that they don’t feel like dealing with all that iron (servers) and can’t find staff. But then there are numerous Dutch providers who say: ‘Just leave it to us. Then we will arrange everything.’

Van Eeten also does not understand why the registration system used by SIDN would be so demanding. ‘In principle it seems quite simple, I estimate a few hundred accounts on a database. I don’t see any reason why a Dutch cloud service couldn’t handle that.’

The criticism is partly a matter of timing: five years ago there would have been a lot less fuss about it. Van Eeten: ‘But in recent years the question has increasingly arisen whether it is wise to outsource more and more digital services to a handful of American companies. That discussion is about digital sovereignty. And that has become quite a thing in Europe.’

Source: ‘No one understands outsourcing the management of .nl domains to Amazon’ – Emerce

It’s completely nuts that a technical organisation says they can’t be technical – and is washing its hands of running the most popular TLD per capita population in the world!

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