Reddit Is Down as the Summer of Outages Continues

Users began to report outages a little over an hour ago. For this writer, the problem first presented as weirdness with Reddit’s login server and front page timeline, but it quickly worsened. Now navigating to is rewarding many with 503 errors.

The outage seems to have hit users visiting Reddit on desktop the hardest. Navigating to Reddit through its app on Android and iOS worked just fine for several Gizmodo staffers, and even the Reddit’s status page claims all systems are operational, though it is showing a sharp uptick in error rates for

Screenshot: Reddit Status Detector

If you feel like the internet has been breaking more than usual, you’re not alone. There have been a number of significant outages over the last month.

Google has had at least two major outages, as has Facebook. AT&T also experienced a major outage this month. Hell, even Down Detector has been down.

Source: Reddit Is Down as the Summer of Outages Continues

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