Samsung ‘s TV Boxes Can Now Be Easily Upcycled Into Cat Houses

Taking a cue from anyone under 10 years old who can come up with endless imaginative uses for an empty cardboard box, Samsung is now making it easy for anyone to recycle or upcycle its TV packaging into other useful household items like magazine racks and fancy cat houses.

As competition between flat screen TV makers pushes those companies to release larger and larger sets to woo buyers, the packaging used to safely ship those TVs has grown along with them, leaving consumers with mountains of cardboard to dispose of afterward. In order to help reduce its carbon footprint, Samsung will start using packaging made from “eco-friendly corrugated cardboard” on its higher-end TVs including The Serif, The Frame, and the rotating, portrait mode-friendly, The Sero. The company didn’t go into detail about what makes the type of cardboard its using more eco-friendly, but presumably, and hopefully, it will include a higher percentage of recycled materials.

Source: Samsung ‘s TV Boxes Can Now Be Easily Upcycled Into Cat Houses

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