Delta to install revolutionary Cozy Suite seats in economy class, tourists rejoice

Wedging yourself into an economy-class airplane seat is one of the atrocities of our age, but there’s help on the way. The Cozy Suite is a revolution in airline seating, giving you more room to yourself while giving the airlines the opportunity to pack even more sardines into their pressurized tin cans. Sure, it’s not as tricked-out as some of the latest business class seating, but it’s a whole lot better then the disgraceful seats in steerage now.

Designed by Thompson Solutions, Delta Air Lines plans to place the “fixed cocoons” in its Boeing 777 and 767 economy classes by 2010. With the seats’ staggered arrangement, the design not only keeps that person next to you out of your face, you also end up with a comfy place to rest your weary head. You can also recline without smacking into that unfortunate soul behind you, and there’s a footrest along with an extra 2 inches of legroom. Another major advantage: the passenger in the window seat can get to the aisle without the other two getting up.

Of course, Delta’s new merger mate Northwest Airlines (we call it “Northworst”) will probably help the new combined company find a way to make these great-looking seats uncomfortable, too, cramming even more people into those horrid, stuffy (albeit safe) airborne rattletraps. See the gallery for more shots of the Cozy Suite, and also see Thompson’s other version (with the orange seats) using a diagonal arrangement that’s a bit less fancy.

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