Drive to the south pole in style in the Lotus CIV

When your aim is to travel across the great ice plains of Antarctica, a normal car or truck meant for highways and regular streets probably isn’t going to meet your specific needs. You need a vehicle designed for the wide expanses of ice down on the bottom of the world.

The Lotus Concept Ice Vehicle (CIV) is made for the Antarctic. Scooting around on ice runners rather than wheels and moved forward with a propeller, it’s definitely not like any car you’ve ever seen. It only seats one, but the chances are good that you won’t be bringing anyone to soccer practice in Antarctica. It runs on biofuel, which makes it nice and environmentally friendly, and it has a spiked foot that is lowered down onto the ice as a brake. If you’ve got to make it to the south pole in style, accept no substitutes.

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