Large Hadron Collider Beauty releases first set of data to the public

[…] While all scientific results from the LHCb collaboration are already publicly available through open access papers, the data used by the researchers to produce these results is now accessible to anyone in the world through the CERN open data portal. The data release is made in the context of CERN’s Open Science Policy, reflecting the values of transparency and international collaboration enshrined in the CERN Convention for more than 60 years.


The data sample made available amounts to 20% of the total data set collected by the LHCb experiment in 2011 and 2012 during LHC Run 1. It comprises 200 terabytes containing information obtained from proton–proton collision events filtered and recorded with the detector.


The analysis of LHC data is a complex and time-consuming exercise. Therefore, to facilitate the analysis, the samples are accompanied by extensive documentation and metadata, as well as a glossary explaining several hundred special terms used in the preprocessing. The data can be analyzed using dedicated LHCb algorithms, which are available as .


More information: CERN open data portal

Source: Large Hadron Collider Beauty releases first set of data to the public

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