SPRITE found to be best cure for hangover

Chinese scientists examined 57 drinks – from herbal teas to fizzy drinks. Found that some helped to speed up the process where the body breaks down alcohol, helping relieve a hangover quicker. But some slowed the process down, meaning symptoms remained

Young people – and regular drinkers – produce more of the alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme, so they don’t feel the effects of alcohol as much as older people, said consultant hepatologist Dr Rajiv Jalan of University College Hospital London.The only good news is that, with age, hangover headaches become less of a problem.The headaches are the result of alcohol damaging the brain, causing it to swell temporarily and crash against the skull.But as we age our brains shrink, so there is more room for it to swell before it hits the bone.

via SPRITE found to be best cure for hangover | Mail Online.

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