Azure is on fire, your DNS is terrified

Microsoft Azure is wobbling all around the world at the moment, especially Azure DNS.

According to a status update on Microsoft’s site, the issues began around lunchtime, although there is no mention of when they are likely to be fixed.

Customers using Azure DNS in multiple regions are experiencing difficulties connecting to their goodies at the moment due to the mysterious issues affecting Microsoft’s cloud computing and infrastructure platform.

Azure proudly advertises itself as a global network of name servers using Anycast routing to provide “outstanding performance and availability” though such is not visible at the moment.

Engineers had only managed to identify “a possible underlying cause” as of the update and “are working to determine mitigation options.”

Azure DNS, which currently is still in preview, and is supported through community forums, allows customers to host their DNS domain in Azure, so they can manage their DNS records using the same credentials, billing and support contract as their other Azure services.

Also affected are users of SQL Database, App Service/Web Apps, API Management, Service Bus and Visual Studio Team services. ®

Source: Azure is on fire, your DNS is terrified

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