Facebook Login Issues Are Locking Oculus Quest 2 Owners Out of Their Devices, turning them into paperweights

Owners of the brand-new Oculus Quest 2—the first VR headset which requires a Facebook account to use—are finding themselves screwed out of their new purchases by Facebook’s account verification system.

As first reported by UploadVR this week, some Oculus 2 owners are finding that Facebook’s reportedly AI-powered account verification system is demanding some users upload a photo before they can proceed with logging in. Others who have previously suspended their Facebook accounts are getting insta-banned upon reactivation and reported they were subsequently unable to create a new account, or said they were locked out upon trying to merge their old Oculus usernames with their Facebook accounts. Facebook’s failure prompt gave no way for users to appeal directly, essentially turning the $300 units into expensive bricks.

On the Oculus subreddit, one user reported that they had uploaded a photo ID to Facebook and received a response stating that “we have already reviewed this decision and it can’t be reversed.”


Source: Facebook Login Issues Are Locking Oculus Quest 2 Owners Out of Their Devices

Yay cloud!

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