Government exposes addresses of > 1000 new year honours recipients

More than 1,000 celebrities, government employees and politicians who have received honours had their home and work addresses posted on a government website, the Guardian can reveal.

The accidental disclosure of the tranche of personal details is likely to be considered a significant security breach, particularly as senior police and Ministry of Defence staff were among those whose addresses were made public.

Many of the more than a dozen MoD employees and senior counter-terrorism officers who received honours in the new year list had their home addresses revealed in a downloadable list, along with countless others who may believe the disclosure has put them in a vulnerable position.

Prominent public figures including the musician Elton John, the cricketer Ben Stokes, NHS England’s chief executive, Simon Stevens, the politicians Iain Duncan Smith and Diana Johnson, TV chef Nadiya Hussain, and the former director of public prosecutions Alison Saunders were among those whose home addresses were published.

Others included Jonathan Jones, the permanent secretary of the government’s legal department, and John Manzoni, the Cabinet Office permanent secretary. Less well-known figures included academics, Holocaust survivors, prison staff and community and faith leaders.

It is thought the document seen by the Guardian, which contains the details of 1,097 people, went online at 10.30pm on Friday and was taken down in the early hours of Saturday.

The vast majority of people on the list had their house numbers, street names and postcodes included.

Source: Government exposes addresses of new year honours recipients | UK news | The Guardian

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