Half of Oracle E-Business customers open to months-old bank fraud flaw

Security company Onapsis estimates that roughly half of all companies using the Oracle EBS software have not yet patched CVE-2019-2648 and CVE-2019-2633, despite Big Red having pushed out fixes for both bugs back in April.

The two vulnerabilities are found in the Thin Client Framework API and are described as reflected SQL injections. An attacker who could remotely access the EBS server via HTTPS would be able to exploit the bug and send arbitrary commands to the vulnerable machine.

While this flaw is dangerous to EBS as a whole, it is particularly bad for servers that use the Payments module included with the suite. The Payments tool allows companies to set up and schedule direct deposits and automatic money transfers to suppliers or partners as well as handle invoices and orders. The bank routing and account numbers for transfer orders are kept on the server as text files and automatically loaded when needed.

You can guess where this is going.

An attacker who exploited either of the SQL injection flaws would be able to remotely modify those transfer order files to include instructions to move cash to an account of their choosing. Instant bank fraud.

Source: Half of Oracle E-Business customers open to months-old bank fraud flaw • The Register

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