How to Keep Attackers From Locking You Out of WhatsApp


WhatsApp representatives told Forbes that the easiest way to protect yourself against this kind of an attack is to make sure you’ve associated an email address with your two-step verification process so the attacker won’t be able to spoof your identity. You can do that right now by pulling up WhatsApp, loading its Settings, tapping on Two-Step Verification, and inputting your email address (or checking to make sure you’ve already done so).

This isn’t going to block the attack per se, but it’ll make it a lot easier for WhatsApp’s customer service team to help you out should you find yourself in a “prevented from authenticating my account” feedback loop—which is what will happen if an attacker reaches out to WhatsApp posing as you, claiming that your account has been hacked and that WhatsApp should deactivate it. (You’ll then “receive” codes to revert the mistaken de-registration, only you won’t be able to input them because of the previous trick, which will have temporarily banned you for entering too many incorrect 2FA codes.)


Source: How to Keep Attackers From Locking You Out of WhatsApp

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