LastPass is being sued following major cyberattack


According to the class action complaint filed in a Massachusetts court, names, usernames, billing addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, and even the IP addresses used to access the service were all made available to wrongdoers.

The final straw in the hat could have been the leak of customers’ unencrypted vault data, which includes all manner of information ranging from website usernames and passwords to other secure notes and form data.

According to the lawsuit, “LastPass understood and appreciated the value of this Information yet chose to ignore it by failing to invest in adequate data security measures”.

The case’s plaintiff claims to have invested $53,000 in Bitcoin since July 2022, which was later “stolen” several months later, leading to police and FBI reports.


Source: LastPass is being sued following major cyberattack

There are more articles about LastPass on this blog. It seems they did not take their security quite as seriously as they led us to believe.

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