Lenovo Solution Centre can turn users into Admins – Lenovo changes end of life for LSC until before the last release in response.

Not only has a vulnerability been found in Lenovo Solution Centre (LSC), but the laptop maker fiddled with end-of-life dates to make it seem less important – and is now telling the world it EOL’d the vulnerable monitoring software before its final version was released.

The LSC privilege-escalation vuln (CVE-2019-6177) was found by Pen Test Partners (PTP), which said it has existed in the code since it first began shipping in 2011. It was bundled with the vast majority of the Chinese manufacturer’s laptops and other devices, and requires Windows to run. If you removed the app, or blew it away with a Linux install, say, you’re safe right now.


he solution? Uninstall Lenovo Solution Centre, and if you’re really keen you can install Lenovo Vantage and/or Lenovo Diagnostics to retain the same branded functionality, albeit without the priv-esc part.

All straightforward. However, it went a bit awry when PTP reported the vuln to Lenovo. “We noticed they had changed the end-of-life date to make it look like it went end of life even before the last version was released,” they told us.

Screenshots of the end-of-life dates – initially 30 November 2018, and then suddenly April 2018 after the bug was disclosed – can be seen on the PTP blog. The last official release of the software is dated October 2018, so Lenovo appears to have moved the EOL date back to April of that year for some reason.

Source: Security gone in 600 seconds: Make-me-admin hole found in Lenovo Windows laptop crapware. Delete it now • The Register