Microsoft Teams stores auth tokens as cleartext in Windows, Linux, Macs – wait isn’t it 2022?


The newly discovered security issue impacts versions of the application for Windows, Linux, and Mac and refers to Microsoft Teams storing user authentication tokens in clear text without protecting access to them.

An attacker with local access on a system where Microsoft Teams is installed could steal the tokens and use them to log into the victim’s account.


Microsoft Teams is an Electron app, meaning that it runs in a browser window, complete with all the elements required by a regular web page (cookies, session strings, logs, etc.).

Electron does notĀ support encryption or protected file locations by default, so while the software framework is versatile and easy to use, it is not considered secure enough for developing mission-critical products unless extensive customization and additional work is applied.

Vectra analyzed Microsoft Teams while trying to find a way to remove deactivated accounts from client apps, and found an ldb file with access tokens in clear text.

“Upon review, it was determined that these access tokens were active and not an accidental dump of a previous error. These access tokens gave us access to the Outlook and Skype APIs.” – Vectra

Additionally, the analysts discovered that the “Cookies” folder also contained valid authentication tokens, along with account information, session data, and marketing tags.

Authentication token on the Cookies directory
Authentication token on the Cookies directory (Vectra)

Finally, Vectra developed an exploit by abusing anĀ API call that allows sending messages to oneself. Using SQLite engine to read the Cookies database, the researchers received the authentication tokens as a message in their chat window.

Token received as text in the attacker's personal chat
Token received as text in the attacker’s personal chat (Vectra)


Using this type of malware, threat actors will be able to steal Microsoft Teams authentication tokens and remotely login as the user, bypassing MFA and gaining full access to the account.


With a patch unlikely to be released, Vectra’s recommendation is for users to switch to the browser version of the Microsoft Teams client. By using Microsoft Edge to load the app, users benefit from additional protections against token leaks.


Source: Microsoft Teams stores auth tokens as cleartext in Windows, Linux, Macs

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