Monero Wallet downloads compromised for 35 minutes

Security Warning: CLI binaries available on may have been compromised at some point during the last 24h. from Monero

Some users noticed the hash of the binaries they downloaded did not match the expected one:
It appears the box has been indeed compromised and different CLI binaries served for 35 minutes. Downloads are now served from a safe fallback source.

Always check the integrity of the binaries you download!

If you downloaded binaries in the last 24h, and did not check the integrity of the files, do it immediately. If the hashes do not match, do NOT run what you downloaded. If you have already run them, transfer the funds out of all wallets that you opened with the (probably malicious) executables immediately, using a safe version of the Monero wallet (the one online as we speak is safe — but check the hashes).

More information will be posted as several people are currently investigating to get to the bottom of this.

Correct hashes are available here (check the signature):

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