Moneyback leaks 500k tourists to Mexico customer records: passports, credit cards, IDs.

Have you been to Mexico in the last year as a tourist and applied for a tax refund on the money you spent while shopping there? If you have, chances are your passport, credit card, or other identification might have been leaked online. The Kromtech Security Research Center has discovered a misconfigured database with nearly half a million customer files that were left publically accessible. These tourists traveled from around the world to enjoy Mexico’s beaches, warm weather, historical sites, or cities and had their private data exposed in the process.

The database appears to be connected with MoneyBack, a leading provider of tax refund (value-added tax refund or sales tax refund) services for international travelers in Mexico.
Researchers identified passports from all over the world who used MoneyBack’s services. Among the top passports identified were citizens of the US, Canada, Argentina, Colombia, Italy, and many more. It appears to be every client that has used their services between 2016 and 2017.

Over 300 GB+ database in size

455,038 Scanned Doccuments (Passports, IDs, Credit Cards, Travel Tickets & More)

88,623 unique passport numbers registered or scanned

Mexican Tourist Tax Refund Company Leaks Customer Records

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