UK flight ban on electronic devices announced – copying Trumpist insanity

The UK government has announced a cabin baggage ban on laptops and tablets on direct flights to the UK from Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia.

The ban follows a similar move in the US, where officials say bombs could be hidden in a series of devices.

Downing Street said it was “necessary, effective and proportionate”.

The government has not given a start-date for the ban, but says airlines are “in the process of implementing it”.

The ban applies to any device larger than 16cm long, 9.3cm wide or 1.5cm deep. It includes smart phones, but most fall inside these limits.

Any affected device, including e-readers, will need to be placed into hold luggage.

Source: UK flight ban on electronic devices announced – BBC News

This looks like a bit of the government being “Seen to do Somethig(tm)” even if that something is incredibly useless and hinders passengers, like the ban on liquids. It also looks very much like the UK is in the pocket of the US, which looks worse now that it’s being run by wealth raping clowns.

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