Yahooooo! says! its! email! is! scrahoooo-ed!

Yahoo! Mail – yes, amazingly it is still a thing – is today taking a break from business as usual norms with the service down for almost the past seven hours.Since circa 9am, the email service has received hundreds of complaints an hour on, with users moaning about persistant “error 15” messages, and others telling of short periods of functionality before being kicked out of their accounts.Yahoo’s customer care Twitter account belatedly acknowledged the outage after 2pm, saying it had “received reports that users are seeing temporary access errors when accessing #YahooMail”, and that it was “working to fix this as quickly as possible.”More than a full hour later, the social media ninjas at Yahoo updated the customer base to say it still didn’t know when it would be able to make things better.

Source: Yahooooo! says! its! email! is! scrahoooo-ed! • The Register

The joys of the cloud…

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