Adobe behind best selling iPad app

The Apple / Adobe Flash spat has reached a new level, with Adobe having a good laugh: The best selling iPad  App, Wired’s June Edition, it turns out, was built using Adobe’s new Adobe Digital Publishing Technologies.

“Bwahaha!” says Adobe. “We Were Behind Wired’s iPad Magazine All Along!”.

The Digital Publishing Platform being developed by Adobe allows publishers and advertisers to create immersive onscreen experiences that combine the visual impact of print design, the immediacy of touch interaction, and the engagement of interactive elements such as video, audio, animated infographics, 360° views, and more. Because this platform builds on the foundation of Creative Suite 5, it lets magazine design, editorial, and production teams use familiar tools and skills to efficiently create versions for print and a wide range of screens. Integrated analytics will enable publishers to plan editorial content and provide advertisers with accurate, detailed insight into how readers are interacting with stories and ads.

Digital Publishing Platform for magazines, books, newspapers and retail catalogs

Of course, the platform Adobe used, incorporates Flash.

Mainly they used InDesign CS5 and will be releasing the technology later.

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