Apple’s macOS Monterey memory leak blamed on custom cursors

Sleuthing leads to suspected RAM-gobbling culpri

Apple’s macOS Monterey, the iGiant’s latest desktop operating system release, turns out to have an insatiable appetite for memory if you use certain apps.

Shortly after the OS update was released on October 25, Apple customers – at least those who avoided installation woes – began to notice that certain apps gobbled an excessive amount of memory, so much so the programs would crash or quit.

There were reports of this sort for Adobe Creative Cloud apps, Microsoft Office, Cinema 4D, and Pages, to name but a few.

Mozilla’s Firefox was also affected – 79GB of memory is a lot, even for a browser known for memory consumption. Following an October 10 bug report, filed back just prior to macOS Monterey’s release, Mozillans determined that Apple’s latest operating system was afflicted by a memory leak that occurs when an app uses a customized cursor.

“On macOS 12 Monterey, using a non-standard cursor size or colors causes a large memory leak in Firefox,” the bug report explains. “Firefox version 94 includes a fix that reduces the memory leak, but the problem can still occur. The problem has been reported to Apple and a fix is expected in a future update to macOS 12.”


Source: Apple’s macOS Monterey memory leak blamed on custom cursors

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