Default Contact Country

Oh the idiocy of it all!
In the Apple iPhone 3.0.1, you can set the default contact country by going to settings -> general -> International and then changing the region format. This means that even if you won’t see the country name in the contact, when you look it up in Google Maps for the location, it’ll add that country name to the address bar. (NB Not fixed in 3.1)

Outlook 2007 suffers from the same lunacy – In Control Panel -> Regional and Language Options -> Formats Tab – this is where outlook gets the country from when adding new contacts. No, it doesn’t use the country in the you would have thought this is obvious ‘Location’ tab.

Not a big deal? So what if you’re an expat? Say you’re an Englishman living in Malaysia or Belgium or Holland. Yup, all the addresses you add will be in those countries, but you’ll manually have to set the country every time.

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