Enyo JavaScript Application Framework (originally for WebOS) opened up

Enyo is an open source object-oriented JavaScript framework emphasizing encapsulation and modularity. Enyo contains everything you need to create a fast, scalable mobile or web application:

  • Built from the ground-up for mobile first

    – Enyo powers webOS, and was designed from the beginning to be fast and work great on mobile devices

  • Now available for desktop and cross-browser development

    – Enyo 2.0 now runs across mobile environments and desktop browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer

  • Highly customizable and extensible

    – Enyo core can be expanded with modules, UI widgets, and more

  • Lightweight and fast

    – Enyo 2.0 core is about 13KB gzipped, and built for fast application rendering and performance

  • Simple, self-contained, and easy to digest

    – Build increasingly complex functionality starting with simple, reusable components

  • Built to scale

    – Enyo was created on the principles needed to build vast, complex mobile and web applications

  • Open Source

    – Enyo is available under the Apache License, Version 2.0

Enyo JavaScript Application Framework.

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