Facial Recognition Augmented Reality App

Barcelona, Spain (February 15, 2010) – Face.com has powered the first-ever “Social Augmented Reality” app, developed by Comverse,

Harnessing Face.com’s superior facial recognition algorithms and its enormous database of faces, the “Social Augmented Reality” app functions in multiple capacities:

* Friends: When two friends are together and one wants to see the other’s photos, the software will recognize the friend and offer direct links to his or her profile and pictures.

* Business: At the office, a colleague might request that you remind him or her about a report that is due. A quick scan and the app will identify the individual, allowing you to message him or her without ever looking through your address book.

* Acquaintances: The app has the potential to connect people before they even know each other’s names. If you bump into someone who you met before and he or she looks familiar but you can’t remember why, the app will locate that person’s online profile to put a name to the face.

“Augmented reality was the first step to bridging the gap between on- and off-line worlds; now our technology takes it further,” said Gil Hirsch, CEO, Face.com. “The Comverse app, utilizing Face.com facial recognition technology, closes the loop by merging face-to-face with virtual social communication.”

via The Facial Recognition Augmented Reality App That Could Revolutionize Stalking [Augmented Reality] | TechBlogs Today.

So it’s a little like having a name whisperer on your phone, then?

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