Google now selling Earth Engine access to all businesses and governments

For the past decade, researchers in academia and the nonprofit world have had access to increasingly sophisticated information about the Earth’s surface, via the Google Earth Engine. Now, any commercial or government entity will have access to Google Cloud’s new enterprise-grade, commercial version of the computer program.

Google originally launched Earth Engine for scientists and NGOs in 2010. One of the world’s largest publicly available Earth observation catalogs, it combines data from satellites and other sources continuously streaming into Earth Engine. The data is combined with massive geospatial cloud-computing resources, which lets organizations use the raw data for timely, accurate, high-resolution insights about the state of the world. That means they can keep a near-constant eye on the world’s forests, water sources, ecosystems and agriculture — and how they’re all changing.

Google Cloud says it’s commercializing Earth Engine now to cater to business customers that are prioritizing sustainability. Businesses are under pressure — from regulators, investors and customers — to reduce their carbon emissions. So, Google is rolling out new products that promise to help them meet their sustainability goals with more and better data.


Google says Earth Engine will still be available at no cost for nonprofits, academic research and educational use cases.

Source: Google makes Earth Engine available to all businesses and governments | ZDNet

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