The Photo Scan app launched by Google today for iOS and Android lets you scan printed photos in just a couple of seconds, using machine learning to correct imperfections in the capture process that they look great every time.

Here’s how it works: Download the app, and open it up. You’ll see a viewfinder. Hold your phone over the printed photo you want to make a digital copy of, and make sure it fits entirely in the frame. Tap the shutter button once.

Next, four white dots will appear on the screen in each corner of the photo you’re backing up. You connect the dots by moving your phone over the dots until they turn blue. After you’ve scanned each individual dot, the photo will be saved within the Photo Scan app and can be saved to your Google Photos library with the push of a button.

Source: Google’s Photo Scan App Makes Backing Up Old Snapshots Easy as Hell

Of course, you do give Google your old photos to analyse with an AI. Worry about the privacy aspect of that!