The bloat continues: Spellcheck and autocorrect in Notepad begins rolling out. Who wants this stuff?

Notepad (version 11.2402.18.0)

With this update, Notepad will now highlight misspelled words and provide suggestions so that you can easily identify and correct mistakes. We are also introducing autocorrect which seamlessly fixes common typing mistakes as you type.

Misspelled word highlighted in Notepad with options to correct the spelling.
Misspelled word highlighted in Notepad with options to correct the spelling.

Getting started with spellcheck in Notepad is easy as misspelled words are automatically underlined in red. To fix a spelling mistake, click, tap, or use the keyboard shortcut Shift + F10 on the misspelled word to see suggested spellings. Selecting a suggestion immediately updates the word. You can also choose to ignore words in a single document or add them to the dictionary, so they are not flagged as a mistake again. Spellcheck in Notepad supports multiple languages.

This feature is enabled by default for some file types but is off by default in log files and other file types typically associated with coding. You can toggle this setting on or off globally or for certain file types in Notepad app settings or temporarily for the current file in the context menu. We’ve organized the settings page as well to make it easier to find and adjust Notepad app settings.

[We are beginning to roll out spellcheck in Notepad, so it may not be available to all Insiders in the Canary and Dev Channels just yet as we plan to monitor feedback and see how it lands before pushing it out to everyone.]

FEEDBACK: Please share your feedback in Feedback Hub (WIN + F) under Apps > Notepad.

Source: Spellcheck in Notepad begins rolling out to Windows Insiders | Windows Insider Blog

Guys, notepad is supposed to be simple! The height of complexity was supposed to be choosing word wrap or not. All of this cruft is completely unnecessary. If I want it, I can start up libreoffice writer, notepad++ or proton docs.

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