Use This App to Block Ads on Windows 11

Advertisements—sometimes prompts to do something that would financially benefit Microsoft and sometimes actual paid advertisements—are showing up all over Windows 11. Start menu ads are rolling out to all users this month, taking the shape of “Recommended” applications you haven’t installed. Ads also briefly showed up in File Explorer, though this was apparently unintentional. And there have long been calls to action on the lock screen and in the settings app. It’s a mess.

We’ve told you how to manually turn off all of Microsoft’s ads in Windows 11, but it’s a lot of digging around in the settings. If you’d rather not do that, an app called OFGB can do it for you. This free and open source application can quickly change various registry settings to disable those ads—all you have to do is click a few checkboxes.

To get started, simply download the latest release from Github.


Source: Use This App to Block Ads on Windows 11 | Lifehacker

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