Winamp continues with WACUP

In October 2018, Winamp relaunched a leaked version of the updated code as version 5.8. As a longtime winamp user, I was excited – I have many mp3’s which are not available on streaming services and also find that when I search for stuff on Spotify they give me the royalty free Filipino girl band cover version instead of the version I’m looking for.

I’ve been fairly happy with the 5.8 version but it did drop support for eg adding ID3 tags automatically and a few other things. Not being a huge user of the music library I don’t know how that went, but I was happy that they had Milkdrop visualiser support.

Today I came upon the following post on Reddit: Winamp visualizer ported in webgl, like back in the days. You can import your own songs in it. and in the comments found a project called WACUP. It turns out that one of the prolific plug in writers, who was also contracted to work in Winamp itself, DrO has been using the 5.666 version to build a huge slew of updates on and it’s still in development.

So, I’m uninstalling 5.8 and going to have a look at WACUP. I’m looking forward to continuing kicking the Llama’s ass!

Source: WACUP, Winamp Lives On
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WACUP discord server

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