SpaceX Mars prototype rocket nails landing for the first time – then explodes

SpaceX rocket prototype, known as SN10, soared over South Texas during test flight Wednesday before swooping down to a pinpoint landing near its launch site. Approximately three minutes after landing, however, multiple independent video feeds showed the rocket exploding on its landing pad.

SpaceX’s SN10, an early prototype of the company’s Starship Mars rocket, took off around 5:15 pm CT and climbed about six miles over the coastal landscape, mimicking two previous test flights SpaceX has conducted that ended in an explosive crash. Wednesday marked the first successful landing for a Starship prototype.
“We’ve had a successful soft touch down on the landing pad,” SpaceX engineer John Insprucker said during a livestream of the event. “That’s capping a beautiful test flight of Starship 10.”
It was unclear what caused the rocket to explode after landing, and the SpaceX livestream cut out before the conflagration.

Source: SpaceX aborts Mars prototype rocket nails landing for the first time – CNN

No wonder that Japanese businessman is trying to give away his tickets to space on Musk’s explody rides

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