A wiperless windshield powered by nanotechnology

Now here’s an awesome idea: a windshield that doesn’t need wipers due to a thin nanotech coating that gets rid of water for you. It’s a major element of a new car dubbed the Hidra, designed by Italian designer Leonardo Fioravanti. How will it work? With four layers of treatments on the windshield.

The first treatment filters the sun and repels water. The second is made of nano-dust which is able to push dirt to the edges of the glass. This dust is activated by the third layer, which senses dirt and activates the second layer as necessary. Finally, it’s all topped off by the fourth layer which is a conductor of electricity to power the whole mechanism.

He claims this could go into production cars in less than five years, with a prototype already working on the Hidra concept. If it works as promised it could signal a huge change in cars in the near future.


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