Bagless Philips vacuum gives Dyson a run for its money

Dyson vacuums may seem like the best of the best for the bagless vacuums, but Philips is ready to jump into the ring with a canister vacuum that is more powerful and cheaper than anything Dyson has to offer. Philips’ Marathon FC9208/01 is a canister vacuum that includes a 2000W motor capable of 350W of suction power, which is significantly more than the comparable Dyson DC21 that only has 220W of suction power. Its 15-pound weight is also significantly lighter than the DC21’s 23 pounds. It may be strictly an opinion, but I would have to admit the Philips is quite a bit prettier than the Dyson, if you care about the aesthetics of a vacuum cleaner.

At 76 dB, the Philips is one of the quieter bagless vacuums and the HEPA 12 filter is capable of capturing 99.5% of the dust. You can buy the Marathon for approximately $350, which is $150 less than the Dyson DC21 and others.


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