Bluetooth helmet makes voices in your head a good thing

Outdoor types who are into extreme sports: listen up. You don’t have to rely on some wired-up coat that controls your MP3 player when there’s a helmet that can do it for you. Hammacher Schlemmer has a winter sports helmet with Bluetooth headphones built in. The transmitter wirelessly connects to an iPod sitting safely and snugly in your coat pocket while you whip down the trail listening to your favorite hard-rockin’ granola-lovin’ music mix.

Made of ABS plastic and polycarbonate foam for the liner, your noggin is protected should you slip and fall, and the classic black design tells everyone your helmet is cooler than theirs. Listening to music while having fun? Great idea. $300 for a helmet that keeps you from hearing someone screaming at you to get out of the way? Not a great idea.


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