Cirbin V13R

What do you get when you take a Harley-Davidson V-Rod motorcycle, put an extra wheel on the front, install a couple of seats and top it off with a gorgeous fiberglass body? You get a Cirbin V13R, a tricycle that looks a lot like some of those sexy, tiny electric vehicles we’ve been showing you, but this one’s available now. The V13R borrows a lot of tech from its Harley V-Rod underpinnings, packing that stainless steel beauty’s 1.25-liter engine under the hood and its electronic instrument cluster up front and center.

Add that characteristic Harley sound growling its signature potato-potato-potato roar as you shift through its five speeds, and you have yourself a fast and footloose three-wheeled thrill ride. Save up your money, though, because these babies aren’t costing small potatoes — even though this trike’s price starts at $40K, most of them are selling in the $55K range.

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