Digital Veil obscures beauties and beasts behind a wall of light

The Digital Veil is an art piece by Soomi Park that combines black and white flash animations with a wearable LCD screen. The wearer’s face is visible through the white parts of the animations and obscured by the black areas, so onlookers are presented with a distorted face that’s always shifting. The wearer can randomly change what images are displayed by making noise toward a pin microphone, as the animations are saved to different levels of volume.

The other model seen above to the right is wearing another piece of Soomi Park’s, a set of LED-tipped eyelash prosthetics that raise questions about the fetish-like obsession with large, or “bedroom,” eyes in Korea and the lengths women go to get them, including plastic surgery.

Soomi Park is a designer and student at International Design School of Advanced Studies in Seoul, South Korea.


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