Nike’s armor-plated war truck comes in peace (and with its own skate ramp)

Known as the Nike 6.0 Ill Mobile, the monstrous fun wagon you see pictured above came from ad/design firm Hub Strategy, which the shoe company tasked with making something that would make people stop and say, “Holy crap!” The first thing Hub Strategy did? Repurpose an amphibious armor-plated war-truck from 1959 into a mobile extreme sport HQ for Mountain Dew’s Action Sports Tour.

It’s got a skate ramp at the back and rails along the sides to grind on, as well as its own wakeboard water tower and racks for BMX bicycles and surfboards. No respectable HQ would be complete without some creature comforts, though, and it’s got ’em in spades: a barbecue, sleep-in camper shell, sound options ranging from waterproof CD players and remote controlled iPods and, we imagine, an unlimited supply of Mountain Dew.

And they managed to slap it all together in under three weeks. No one is saying how much Nike spent on the project, but the viral reaction to something like this — cellphone pictures, blog posts, word of mouth — can be worth more than a regular ad on television. The Ill Mobile will be touring around the country.

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