Toys we wish did more: Star Trek Classic Communicator

The Star Trek Classic Communicator is finally out and, while it’s undeniably awesome, we can’t help but feel it falls a little short of the mark. Here’s what it does do: it’s got 20 sound effects from the TV show including noises and voice clips from the original series, working lights when you flip open the metal faceplate and a “Hailing Function,” which simulates a non-interactive call from the Enterprise. It looks just right and would make a fantastic prop or toy for any Trekkie.

What it doesn’t do? Act as a communicator. Simple two-way communication would have really sealed the deal on this one. Hopefully you’re not wearing a red shirt while you’re using it, because your away team is going nowhere.

The Star Trek Classic Communicator costs $30, though you could just wait for currency to be abolished under the formation of the United Federation of Planets in 2161 and replicate one.


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