USB Missile Launches gets wireless, camera upgrades

Technology has come quite a long way since the original USB Missile Launcher was unveiled a year ago. It was so popular that biggie Microsoft wanted some USB desktop weapon action and has teamed up with Dream Cheeky for vastly improved missile launchers.

The first launcher is attacking the biggest flaw of the missile launching predecessor, the cord. The wireless USB missile launcher still work the same way via your PC, but this time there is a little more flexibility where it can be set up. The second launcher is where Microsoft got its hands dirty and addressed another concern with the original: covertness. Previously, it was tough to setup and aim the USB missile launcher without being discovered, but the included top-mounted webcam makes it all the easier. Both launchers should be making its official debut at CES in less than a month, much to the disappointment to the local dweeb in the cubicle farm.


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