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Visions Of Science

The BBC site has some striking scientific pictures on it

Narrowcasting vs Broadcasting

Well, this is a piece I wrote up on the difference between the two words, as I’m of the opinion that it’s basically just a hyped up thing going down, but Emerce has picked up on it and is inviting discussion – Go me!

DARPA Grand Challenge

Yup, today is the startday for the second autonomous robot vehicle race – you know, the one where last year they pumped in millions of $$$ and ended up with no vehicle going further than what was it? 15 feet or something?!!! Lets see if they do better this year 😀

Giant Squid caught on camera

For the first time ever, live giant squids – sea monsters up to 18 metres large – have been caught live on camera. Our current knowledge of these animals was based on dead ones that occassionaly wash up on shore…

The London Taxicab

A history on the Taxicab here

Aged celebrities

A list of photoshopped images of what today’s celebs might look like in the future. Kinda creepy, actually.

Unofficial Borat Homepage

Jagshemash, I like you! Yup, Borat has a fantastic unofficial homepage here

Free telephone calls with VoIPbuster

These guys are offering free calls from PC to landline (no, not mobile) using their software. I couldn’t find out how or why, but I didn’t see any weird stuff in their terms or privacy statement…

Saving the Earth through fuel efficiency and emission cutdown

With a $7.5m budget this guy has invented a car ‘plug in’ which drops your emissions by up to 100% and your fuel efficiency by 10%. Should be on the market in about a years time. Basically, the H2N-Gen contains a small reservoir of distilled water and other chemicals such as potassium hydroxide. A current […]

Talk Like A Pirate Day

Arrrr me hearties! It be t’day today matey!


With my compulsion for graphical representations of space, I found this programme, which takes a drive and graphically represents the space useage on it. You can zoom in on folders, view and delete file etc – it’s really very good at showing how a drive is utilised and it’s free!

Sniff traffic by listening to keyboard clicks

What makes the technique feasible is that each keystroke makes a relatively distinct sound, however subtle, when hit. Typical users type about 300 characters per minute, leaving enough time for a computer to isolate the sounds of individual keystrokes and categorize the letters based upon the statistical characteristics of English text. For example, the letters […]

Google Earth threatens World Peace

.. or Democracy, or whatever. Anyway, El Reg reports that various militaries are somewhat uncomfortable with the detailed Earth Imagery presented on Google Maps/Earth. With some detailed images explaining exactly why they’re a bit nervous.. Good stuff! 4 pages, so keep reading.

Britain to replace nuclear capability?

In an interview with the Guardian, Reid, the UK Defence Secretary, indicates that it is time to replace Trident in order to be able to present a credible nuclear capability against the evolving new and potentially rogue nuclear powers (India, Pakistan, N. Korea among others). Which goes to show, allthough jointness and mobility is the […]

Flat tape speaker cable

Yup, stick it against the wall, paint over it and it’s gone! Does it degrade audio quality? Dunno…

5 fingered artificial hand

You can plug it into your muscles and get it to move all five fingers with an opposible thumb

BMW 5 Series Authority Vehicles

You want your car to have some AUTHORITY? You want them to RESPECT you? Then this is the car for you: The firearm bracket in the rear centre armrest provides space for an MP 5 and three magazines. The bracket is electromagnetically locked and is opened from the front seats using a switch. The firearm […]

Bling them Rings

Yup, if spinners ain’t your thing because you is in da digital ages, then give deez rim blings yo lubbin’! Make Tire Tagz digital pictures around your wheels baby!

Laser fusion reactors

The basic principles are relatively simple to lay out: a high energy laser is used to heat and compress a small amount of deuterium, a stable isotope of hydrogen. When the deuterium gets sufficiently hot, the outer layers detonate, sending a shockwave towards the centre of the sample. From The Register

3D Technologies

How to convert an LCD display into a 3D display using… cellophane! A new technology to use a high resolution stereo camera, send it through a chip which splits the stream into 8 interpolated streams and then beam it through the HD TV so you don’t need glasses to view the 3D action

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