Pure Pwnage

Pure pwnage liek 0wnz n00bz liek totally! An excellent ‘reality TV documentary’ style series about the life of the pro gamer, 0wning n00bz on internet for free download. First rate, very funny, original and well worth watching… BOOM! HEADSHOT! I’m gonna so own you with my micro!

Bad Date site

A list of horrible date stories, http://www.datestories.com/ They’re fairly tame, so if that doesn’t float your boat, there’s always the creepy and disturbing http://grouphug.us/ . And a site where women register cheating boyfriends, http://www.dontdatehimgirl.com/, which looks primed to violate a lot of privacy and/or slander laws.

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Researchers at Rice University have managed to build a nanocar with suspension, axles, wheels, everything. The wheels are only one atom big. They have a nano-engine for it, but they have yet to fit the car with it.

MySpace Worm

Samy posted a piece of very cleverly crafted stuff on his profile in MySpace, which basically made everyone who saw his profile add the same code to their profile, and add Samy to their friendslist together with some text. This shows the fragility of browsers when using AJAX to code sites, despite some fairly complicated Read more about MySpace Worm[…]