USAF and Lasers!

A new hand held laser gun for those non lethal applications where you just want to fry people’s eyes out. In conjunction with that weapon that emits ultrasonics that make you want to get away, you could have endless fun!


This is the phenomenon of using computer graphics or games to create films – Red vs Blue was famous for this, but since then a whole load of others have gone on with the idea, and Lionhead studios has even released a game that allows you to create your own Machinima films.

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Geopolitical news and opinion

Random roundup of political news and opinion sites European Voice EU news, Eurocrats, opinions and current affairs. Excellent site for tracking what’s happening in the EU on a political level. Le Monde Diplomatique Le Monde Diplomatique (English version) The French version is naturally better (more background, documentation, etc), but the English version is easier to Read more about Geopolitical news and opinion[…]

American Edit

Someone went and remixed Green Day’s American Idiot and threw in the Doctor Who theme, Bush ranting about evil, hip hop, samples from all over and some other random stuff. Although sounding like a recipe for disaster, this stuff actually works. Fire up your iPod and give this one a shot:

Send an e-card

Let ’em know you care.. So, they’re not your usual trite. inane, sappy e-cards. Next time someone sends you one of those, reply with one of these. That is, if you really don’t want to hear from them again.


USMC has a thermobaric weapon at their disposal which collapses buildings and ignites the air. It’s shoulder carried and they’re being a bit quiet about their useage. The SMAW is a Shoulder-launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon. More info Here. The NE is the Novel Explosive part. The manufacturers site is a bit quiet, but you can Read more about SMAW-NE[…]

FLIP capsising ship

Direct from The Life Aquatic, two of our heroes have gone and built this ship, which capsises in order to be stable in the water to do research where stability is needed. They actually put serious money in this!