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The ultimate showdown

.. of Ultimate Destiny! They certainly needed a lot of superheroes to defeat Chuck! You can grab the mp3 here –

Instant Balcony II

If you have almost no windowspace, so you can’t use the other instant balcony and if you have a type T personality, then maybe this is the balcony for you.

Grouchy Media

US servicemen in Iraq make movies. And post them on Grouchymedia!

Faster driving <> unsafer driving

The Association of British Drivers calls for the standard motorway speed limit to be raised to 80 mph. Introduced 40 years ago on 22 December 1965, as a panic measure following a series of pile-ups in fog, the 70 mph limit has never been shown to have reduced accidents. Yeah! It is safe to drive […]

Viral Marketing

This is when you place an advert somewhere and let people spread the advert themselves: examples are placing a film on internet and other people linking to it, or sending emails with the link in it, or having people attractive to your target audience meeting the audience in bars and after a conversation innocuously talking […]

MSNBC Year in Pictures

MSNBC has put some very striking pictures up on their website under 2 galleries: editors’ and readers’ choice.

Unusual technical WWII images

In the Second World War people at home with loved ones spread far away around the world with the forces were fed a diet, often government backed, of “how it works” or “how we will win” technical information leaflets. Very often these would have contained superb cut away and sectioned diagrams, showing the “insides” or […]

SpaceX orbital rocket launch

Today the SpaceX orbital rocket (the first privately financed and cheapest orbital rocket ever) will be launched from the Kwajalein Atoll of the Marshall Islands: the Falcon 1 rocket will begin its journey to orbit, accelerating to 17,000 mph (25 times the speed of sound) in less than ten minutes. Designed from the ground up […]

Schroedingers Cat

Explained as an epic rhyming poem.

Google sucks at mathematics

Google has a calculator built into its search engine. Apart from the basics it can also be used for unit conversions, etc. Usually I’d say that’s very nice and can be handy considering just about everything has a google query form attached to it these days. However.. What do you think would be the result […]

Superman is a dick

This whole site is a blast, but check out pages like this and this ..

Buy your local rainforest

Not bad – for EUR. 100,- you can buy an acre of Amazon rainforest. You recieve the GPS cooridinates of it, so you can check up on it on Google Earth as well! Save the lungs of the earth – stop them from deforesting your bit of rainforest.

Al Jazeera journalists run a blog

Aptly enough, it’s named “Don’t bomb us” – probably because Washington’s resident chimpansee wants to blow them up because of their annoying habit of reporting on current events in Iraq.

Most celebs look awful in real life

Magazines, billboards, internet, the television – every day we are exposed to more and more media celebrities. Most of whom make money off of projecting a totally fake, manufactured physical identity. I often find that annoying, to say the least, so articles like this make my day.. The unforgiving clarity of high-definition television has induced […]

Scratch repairing car paint

You can, with a Nissan! Within a week any scratch will have repaired itself – lasts three years…

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