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USN developing plane that launches from submarines

It’s called the Cormorant and the initial development has been given to Lockheed Martin’s Skunkworks. Because nuclear subs don’t have much to do in today’s environment they want to modify the launchers to eject these aircraft. This obviously comes with problems… The Skunk Works’s answer is a four-ton airplane with gull wings that hinge around […]

Mosque bombed – no reaction. Cartoons more important than holy relics.

Yet again we see how deranged the whole situation with the cartoons is. Really sad that outside of Iraq the news is deliberately shifting the blame, whereas within Iraq people are shocked. But still no riots. Are the muslims trying to widen the gulf between our cultures?

Time goes by

On june 17th since 1976 this family has taken pictures of themselves and put them underneath each other. A nice display of ageing.

The 20th century sissy

The Wall Street Journal letters editor has a lovely rant on how a six year old kid could possibly be ‘sexually harassing’ another six year old girl by placing two fingers inside a girl’s waistband. It ruminates on how ridiculous the situation is becoming in America – take heed Europe, we don’t want to go […]

Biggest heist this century – massive reward

The tunbridge heist which netted the robbers GBP 50m – making it the biggest heist in the past 100 years – now has a reward offered by the security company on it for GBP 2m.

Marriage contract?

No, not really – wifely rules to be more exact. The Smoking Gun has the rules scanned on their site, and they are a true masterpiece of human endeavour. Or something. It’s not surprising that the wife turned the papers into the police: what is surprising is her having agreed to have ever married the […]

Strange Buildings

This site has a nice list of a few of the stranger buildings in the world – oddly enough, it doesn’t have the Rotterdam cubes though…

Mac OS X on PCs

Since Apple moved to intel chips, it wasn’t a surprise that someone was going to hack OS X and try to run it on a run of the mill PC. Apparently Apple put a poem in their OS asking people please to not hack OS X. But the hackers have apparently prevailed and allthough there […]

Gorgonz Exhale Gloves

These gloves are supposed to be for in extreme cold – and using some clever system they warm up as you blow into them acting like handwarmers with no batteries! For $39,99 that’s a bit of a steal! Of course, Gorgonz claims also to have created a t-shirt that makes the current t-shirts obsolete…

Freak out your friends

With the Head spa massager – look like you’re going to take over the world whilst alien invaders are burrowing into your brain It’s like thousands of tiny fingers simultaneously massaging your scalp

Name Ringtones

Go on – buy one! These guys deserve the money! And whilst we’re on the subject, the Reg was running an article about the Pheretones. These are supposed to turn on members of the opposite sex. Get the pheretones here and find out the official explanation on the website here Come back and tell me […]

Lighting from 20 metres away

Some guy photographed this awesome shot in a thunderstorm

RIAA – those whacky guys

Apparently now they want to make creating a copy of a legally bought CD or even copying music from it to your IPod illegal. Despite having stated before that it is legal.

Windows System Tools

This site has a large list of programmes to manage your windows processes, memory, cpu etc etc etc. This is the list of programmes I thought might be usefull: Sysinternals Process Explorer shows you information about which handles and DLLs processes have opened or loaded Informer shows the time, processor load, amount of processes and […]


The name of the machine says it all: you hang clothes on a peg, and the one machine washes, then dries, then irons your clothes. And it’s developed by a student who can’t yet find a company to help manufacture it! I neeeeed one!

Howto build a home descaler

Engadget is running a nice article on how to scale your video input to show better on a HD TV or projector by scaling the video feed.

Palm OS no more

Acces who bought Palm OS have decided they will Garnet (Palm OS 5) and Cobalt (Palm OS 6 – which has never shipped on any device) and decided to revamp it all as the Access Linux Platform (ALP) which will look nothing like Linux but run Garnet apps as well as GTK apps. Expected on […]

smart armour

These suits are flexible but harden up on impact.

The 10 best scifi films that never existed

This review is about what could have been, what should have been but what wasn’t. It also tells us why it wasn’t. Very good piece.

Slime Controlled Robot

They’ve grown a slime on a chip and forced it to grow in the shape of the bot thus encasing it entirely and finding some way of translating it’s movements to the movements of the robot. This makes it a ‘living’ robot. Currently it’s a bit boring as it moves away from light and moves […]

Google Desktop 3 Spyware

Or at least the EFF says it is. Why? Because default settings allow you to ‘search across computers’ – and people will probably not be aware of this. Basically Google stores everything it finds on your desktop on its own servers for some period in text form. Which means they have everything on your PC!

More Spying

Now it’s the Chinese spying on the Americans – and sending F-16 and Black Hawk engines as well as missles back home to China!

Chavez wants Britain de ‘give back’ Falklands

… to the Argies… Hugo Chavez is doing a really good job making friends isn’t he?! Oh well, at least he called them the Falklands!

VMWare Server for Free!

Yup, become a virtual machine for free! Download and VMWare product comparison here Don’t forget to pack a few extra Gigs of RAM!

US Drinking laws

That make perfect sense. Not.

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