Top 100 alternative Search Engines

This is a nice overview of the different types of search engines out there, some of which are better than google. From the search homepage, AI’s, clustering engines, reccomendation engines, metasearch engines, and differing levels of interactivity, it’s interesting to have a look at what else is out there besides the mighty Google.

Tiny mobos

Via is releasing a tiny motherboard/chip combo – the Epia PX (10×7.2 cm), a successor to the Pico-ITX (12×12 cm). It runs at 1GHz and has a whole scale of I/O for audio/visual and USB connectors.

Casino cheats winners

A man wins $102,000 in a slot machine, the casino scratches it’s head, calls it a computer malfunction (as the slot machine wasn’t set to pay out!) and instead gives the man two dinner tickets. Isn’t gambling supposed to be a game of chance? In other words, give the Philadelphia Park Casino a miss.

$395,- in car pc

The VoomPC2 ruggedized little thing comes pre-prepped to fit into your car. It comes with a 1.5 Ghz processor and a whole load of connectors: VGA and S-Video output, USB 2.0, FireWire, Ethernet, PCMCIA Type I and II, a CardBus interface for hooking up to GPS or Wi-Fi systems, and a 5.1 audio support.

UK Police hack into government

Showing that the government in the UK is not above the law, Scotland Yard has hacked into government computers following suspicions that the government was not exactly forthcoming with evidence into one of their investigations. It gives me a nice, cuddly feeling, knowing that the two parties get to check up on each other.

Cure for Cancer, no money

Welcome to the sad state of the world: here we have a possible inexpensive treatment for a variety of cancers which won’t get funded, because the molecule involved isn’t patented, so probably won’t get funded by pharmacutical companies due to ‘market forces’.