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Top 100 alternative Search Engines

This is a nice overview of the different types of search engines out there, some of which are better than google. From the search homepage, AI’s, clustering engines, reccomendation engines, metasearch engines, and differing levels of interactivity, it’s interesting to have a look at what else is out there besides the mighty Google.

Tiny mobos

Via is releasing a tiny motherboard/chip combo – the Epia PX (10×7.2 cm), a successor to the Pico-ITX (12×12 cm). It runs at 1GHz and has a whole scale of I/O for audio/visual and USB connectors.

Paper doesn’t prove who you are, you do.

Maine has rejected the US Federal Real ID act – a digital, machine readable ID card that will be required to do just about anything in the US despite the usual fearmongering about terrorists and protection. It seems Maine is citing cost as an issue, but also lack of interest. Have they realised that it’s […]

Casino cheats winners

A man wins $102,000 in a slot machine, the casino scratches it’s head, calls it a computer malfunction (as the slot machine wasn’t set to pay out!) and instead gives the man two dinner tickets. Isn’t gambling supposed to be a game of chance? In other words, give the Philadelphia Park Casino a miss.

Non smokers are brain damaged?

Scientists have found that subjects with injuries to a particular part of the brain – the insula – can instantly and permanently break a smoking habit, opening up new areas of research into addiction.

Get at your own DNA

A very simple tutorial to how to get to see your own DNA in a few minutes time. There are also links to the more advanced genetics hackers who want to do more in their home.

$395,- in car pc

The VoomPC2 ruggedized little thing comes pre-prepped to fit into your car. It comes with a 1.5 Ghz processor and a whole load of connectors: VGA and S-Video output, USB 2.0, FireWire, Ethernet, PCMCIA Type I and II, a CardBus interface for hooking up to GPS or Wi-Fi systems, and a 5.1 audio support.

US Ray Gun II

After the sonic ray gun, the US has released and tested its microwave ray gun, which makes people feel like they’re about to ignite at temperatures that can be selected by the operator. It can be carried around on a Humvee or mounted on guard towers. Maybe the tin-foil hat brigade isn’t that wrong? Allthough […]

UK Director of Public Prosecutions hits out on totalitarianism

Thankfully some people in high political positions are still able to see sense. The DPP is accusing the government of scare mongering and increasing control over the populace with no good reason. He says he fears the downfall of the rule of law, and that the ‘war on terror’ is a construct that doesn’t exist.

Isolate your child’s amniotic stem cells from a placenta

OK, who said medicine and cutting edge medical procedures were difficult? In less effort than it takes to cook a meal, you can freeze your own amniotic stem cells for future use with this exceedingly simple howto (and a strong stomach).

All HD-DVD formats cracked

Muslix64 has managed within a month to crack both Blue-Ray andHD-DVD and has released software allowing you to back up these DVDs (for personal use, of course). BackupBluray and BackupHDDVD

UK Police hack into government

Showing that the government in the UK is not above the law, Scotland Yard has hacked into government computers following suspicions that the government was not exactly forthcoming with evidence into one of their investigations. It gives me a nice, cuddly feeling, knowing that the two parties get to check up on each other.

Spider Ship Builder

Ugo Conti is an old man, which is his excuse for making this thing: he’s at the end of his career and he has nothing to lose if it doesn’t work out. His concept for a ship is to have flexible legs acting like shock absorbers on small hulls which carry the mass of the […]

Flying Saucer Builder

This guy has been approached by NASA to give a talk about how he’s going to build a flying saucer – something the engineers haven’t been able to do yet – by using upwards air pressure between contra rotating rotors. He’s not an engineer, in fact, he’s a construction worker with a serious can-do attitude. […]

UK building Tri-service defence acadamy

The UK are going to consolidate in St. Athan, Wales, and consolidating a wide variety of trainings from 27 different locations in to 1. Not only will that be a whole lot cheaper in terms of manpower required to run the academy and property expenses, but it will also mean that inter-services jointness could become […]

BASE Jumping Legal in US

A NY state judge has ruled that since Jeb Corliss was very aware of the risks involved and attempted to mitigate them as much as possible, his attempt to jump off the Empire State Building was not reckless and endangering behaviour and thus legal. Of course those namby pamby pussies who get adrenal rushes from […]

Stock Market Randomness

There’s a test people did a few times where they put different stock names at the end different exits of a maze and let a hamster ‘pick’ his favorite stock. It turns out that the hamster is no worse (and sometimes better) than real life stock brokers, showing how the market is random. The Sun-Times […]

Translucent LED lit walls

You can program the LEDs for different colours with Duo-Gard’s IllumaWall.


Years and years ago we had the FuckU-FuckMe genitaldrives models M and F which promised remote sex. It was a hoax, but still fun. Now another company is claiming a release of a usb version with the virtual hole and stick set. The diagrams look crude and the pictures look horrible. But is it for […]

Cure for Cancer, no money

Welcome to the sad state of the world: here we have a possible inexpensive treatment for a variety of cancers which won’t get funded, because the molecule involved isn’t patented, so probably won’t get funded by pharmacutical companies due to ‘market forces’.

Fight your traffic tickets in NL

Apparently a whole load of procedural mistakes are made when issuing traffic tickets, such as when you’ve been flashed by a camera, the picture is supposed to be in your mailbox within six weeks time. If this doesn’t happen, the ticket is anulled. This company will fight your ticket for you for EUR. 6,99 (incl. […]

Banning smoking leads to…

Illegal bars – in sheds, houses, etc. where people come to drink and smoke… This unlicenced drinking leads to more drink driving and more drinking under minors.

USAF Special Projects

Aviation Now has an interesting article on the USAF special projects, such as followups to the F-117A in the form of stealth cruise missles that also do recce. Particularly interesting is the range of hacking projects the USAF has, such as Suter, which in the first guise can ‘see’ what targetted radars are seeing, and […]

Ultimate keyboard?

This keyboard can be programmed so that you choose each key’s colour, turning into by far the coolest keyboard ever. Can you get it in programmers’ querty? NB scroll down the link page for loads more images, including how you can program it. You can save your skins, so you can open them for specific […]

3D Printers for houses

This is one hell of a printer – you feed it with concrete and gypsum, you have one single operator, and like an inkjet it prints out your house, speeding up the construction time by a factor of 200 and dropping costs by four fifths. Anyone can become an architect and because bricks need to […]

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