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Inkjet print solar cells

For the first time, engineers at Oregon State University (OSU) have now developed a process to create “CIGS” solar cells with inkjet printing technology that allows for precise patterning to reduce raw material waste by 90 percent and significantly lower the cost of producing solar cells with promising, yet expensive compounds. The researchers focused on […]

Airport perv scanners seem to cause cancer – also to TSA workers

Oops. It just gets worse and worse. Cancer Cluster Possibly Found Among TSA Workers – Slashdot.

Silver pen allows electrical circuits to be handwritten on paper and other surfaces

Pretty cool – the world is your PCB board! Silver pen allows electrical circuits to be handwritten on paper and other surfaces.

Google Swiffy – convert flash to HTML5

Swiffy converts Flash SWF files to HTML5, allowing you to reuse Flash content on devices without a Flash player (such as iPhones and iPads). Swiffy currently supports a subset of SWF 8 and ActionScript 2.0, and the output works in all Webkit browsers such as Chrome and Mobile Safari. If possible, exporting your Flash animation […]

triple battery life with Aluminum-Celmet metal foam

Boffins triple battery life with metal foam • The Register.

Groovedown – mp3 Downloader

Groovedown – Downloader.

Turn Your PC Into a Motion Sensing Security Device

There’s quite a few ways to turn your pc into a motion detector, the most common seems to be using a webcam and flash. This works well, but here are a few ways to do it differently: This is the DIY way Turn Your PC Into a Motion Sensing Security Device with .NET. NB the […]

The dark science of the traffic jam: UK traffic explored in detail

This article includes pictures of what the traffic managers see on their screens and how the information gets there. Unfortunately, ghost jams are generally caused by human idiot drivers: But often we have only ourselves to blame: staying in the middle lane rather than keeping to the left whenever possible, getting too close to the […]

Nintendo DS hacking

This is done with an R4 chip: buy one: There’s a difference between the r4 and r4i You then put a kernel on the chip: Instructions for formatting your r4 card Download games to put on:

Napping in a hammock – faster and better

Here we aimed to demonstrate that swinging can modulate physiological parameters of human sleep. To this end, we chose to study sleep during an afternoon nap using polysomnography and EEG spectral analyses. We show that lying on a slowly rocking bed 0.25 Hz facilitates the transition from waking to sleep, and increases the duration of […]

Pioneer’s AppRadio delivers iPhone integration, automotive and audio bliss for $400

Which is a shitload cheaper than the JVC KD-AVx77 (EUR. 600,-) or KW-AVX840 (EUR 500,-). It’s a two DIN unit and there’s not so much functionality as the JVC’s have – it only has 4 apps which are limited but Pioneer say they will be adding more. Pioneer’s AppRadio delivers iPhone integration, automotive and audio […]

US plan to hold EU passenger data for 15 yrs

This is totally stupid, ridiculous and unecessary! US plan to hold EU passenger data for 15 yrs ‘unlawful’ • The Register.

Brando Flying Keymouse

Features: Built-in Media keyboard Built-in Laser Pointer 65 keys Design Wireless 2.4GHz connection, smart & portable size Advance power saving technology Keyboard Backlight function FN lock change function Power by 3 x AAA batteries (included) Operation Range: Up to 15 meters Support Window 7 / Vista / XP, Linux, Mac 10.x or above Dimension: 150 […]

Levitation Photography: 65 Stunning Examples & Tutorials

Levitation Photography: 65 Stunning Examples & Tutorials.

Dutch .gov accidentally votes for internetfilter destroying intended net neutrality

PvdA zweert reparatie van netneutraliteit | Webwereld.

US soldier Isaias Hernandez ‘re-grows leg’ after pig bladder hormone injection

Well… 70% of his upper thigh. Still impressive though. US soldier Isaias Hernandez ‘re-grows leg’ after pig bladder hormone injection | Mail Online.

Bitcoin crashes slowly and interestingly

It has decided to roll back a days’ trading as a result of the stolen bitcoins, which were dumped on the market, crashing the value of a single bitcoin. Apparently there wasn’t that much cash involved (only $1000,-) which means that the bitcoin currency isn’t very strong at all. Concurrently, a trojan has been found […]

Recovering Exchange using eseutil

This tries  to repair exchange databases instead of restoring from backups. Help! My Exchange server just rebooted • The Register.

ICANN approves gTLDs for everyone – with money

ICANN Approves Historic Change to Internet’s Domain Name System Board Votes to Launch New Generic Top-Level Domains Singapore | ICANN’s Board of Directors has approved a plan to usher in one of the biggest changes ever to the Internet’s Domain Name System. The Board vote was 13 approving, 1 opposed, and 2 abstaining. During a […]

Skydive: Proximity Flight – game

Wear a wingsuit and jump off cliffs. Awesome! Skydive: Proximity Flight — official website.

LulzSec cleartext accounts and passwords

On June 16, 2011, LulzSec released over 62,000 accounts containing emails and passwords in cleartext obtained from random sources. LulzSec announced the release in a Twitter post at!/LulzSec/status/81327464156119040. The table below is the list of these accounts. Passwords have been partially masked to protect the users from further attacks. LulzSec cleartext passwords.

Kinect for Windows SDK Download

The Kinect for Windows SDK beta is a starter kit for applications developers that includes APIs, sample code, and drivers. This SDK enables the academic research and enthusiast communities to create rich experiences by using Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect sensor technology on computers running Windows 7. via Kinect for Windows SDK Download – Microsoft Research.

Apple patents an old Japanese location interest dating app

Which goes to show why the current patent system is stupid. The Japanese have had this system in gadgets for years now – you fill in your interestes in the gadget and when you come close to someone with similar interests, the thing rings. You look around and – hey, there’s someone else ringing! Unbelievably […]

European Council: Creating hacking tools should be criminal across EU. Idiots.

“The following new elements [should include] penalisation of the production and making available of tools eg, malicious software designed to create ‘botnets’ or unrightfully obtained computer passwords for committing the offences [of attacks against computer systems],” the Council of Ministers said in a statement pages 18-19 of 38-page/176KB PDF. The real problem with this, is […]

GE Combines Natural Gas, Wind, and Solar in hybrid powerplant

GE has announced the first power plant to integrate wind and solar power with natural gas—a 530-megawatt plant that will start operating in Turkey in 2015. The power plant is made practical by a flexible, high-efficiency natural-gas system the company announced two weeks ago and a solar thermal power system created by eSolar, a Burbank, […]

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