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A Flexible, Transparent Lithium-ion Battery

Stanford scientists used a grid-structured electrode, which is fabricated by a microfluidics-assisted method, such that the feature dimension in the electrode is below the resolution limit of human eyes, and, thus, the electrode appears transparent. By aligning multiple electrodes together, the amount of energy stored increases readily without sacrificing the transparency. In addition, the battery […]

TestFlight | iOS beta testing on the fly

TestFlight | iOS beta testing on the fly.

An Analysis of Anonymity in the Bitcoin System: Bitcoin is not Anonymous

Bitcoin is not inherently anonymous. It may be possible to conduct transactions is such a way so as to obscure your identity, but, in many cases, users and their transactions can be identified. We have performed an analysis of anonymity in the Bitcoin system and published our results in a preprint on arXiv. via An […]

Charlie Miller Finds Way to Hack MacBook Battery | News | The Mac Observer

Security researcher Charlie Miller has announced that he has found a way to hack the chips that control the batteries in Apple’s MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air. Using these chips, he was able to brick (or ruin) batteries, or even install persistent malware that would survive a physical hard drive change. via Charlie Miller […]

i-FunBox | File Manager, Browser, Explorer, Transfer Tool for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch via USB

i-FunBox | File Manager, Browser, Explorer, Transfer Tool for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch via USB.

NMM multimedia middleware

Motama’s key technology – called Network-Integrated Multimedia Middleware (NMM) – provides a ground-breaking new software solution for networked multimedia systems, spanning from embedded and mobile devices, to PCs, to large-scale computing clusters. NMM is available as commercial or Open Source version. Our middleware forms the basis of our own products and is licensed to world […]

Extramon – Dual Monitor Software

Extramon lets you use a second computer as a second monitor, giving you a dual-monitor computer. In fact, both of your computers become dual-monitor computers. And you can operate them both from a single keyboard and mouse. via Extramon – Dual Monitor Software.

Maxivista Multi Monitor – Dual Monitor – KVM switch

MaxiVista turns any spare Desktop, Laptop or Netbook PC into a second monitor for your primary computer. No extra multi monitor hardware is required. Simply extend program windows across multiple screens as if it were one big monitor. Increase your productivity by using a multiple monitor software. via Multi Monitor – Dual Monitor – KVM […]

How to make a 3D scanner

How to make a 3D scanner «

KPN downgrades mobile upload speeds from 2Mbps to 0.1Mbps, will customers bend over?

So not only have they gone away from unlimited mobile internet AND increased the prices dramatically, KPN has now also fucked customers by severely limiting the upload speeds. My advice: bail out and move to another provider! KPN knijpt upload mobiel internet | Webwereld.

Wind-turbine Placement Produces Tenfold Power Increase

Wind-turbine Placement Produces Tenfold Power Increase, Caltech Researchers Say – Caltech Media Relations.

Jailbreak! Upgrading a non-upgradable Android

Jailbreak! Upgrading a non-upgradable Android | Mobile Technology – InfoWorld.

KPN goes back to stone age of internet, charges mobiles per MB

This should cost them a lot of customers. People will probably change to other providers which do offer them unlimited mobile internet for a reasonable price. This comes as a response to the Dutch parliament not allowing mobile internet providers to cut off certain services, such as whatsapp, viber and skype from mobile internet. KPN […]

Ultimate Stunts – A free racing game

Ultimate Stunts: Not just another racing gameUltimate Stunts is a remake of the famous DOS-game stunts. Racing in Ultimate Stunts involves some really spectacular stunts, like loopings, corkscrews, bridges to jump over, etc., but the best thing is that you can design your own tracks! The game Ultimate Stunts is not yet finished, but it […]

Is There Anything Good About Men

An interesting article who’s main premise is that feminists thought being a man was better because they were all over the place in top jobs, but forgot that men were also all over the bottom of society (in jail, being junkies, etc). Now there’s a load of anti-man / men are worse than women literature […]

First Demonstration of Time Cloaking

Time cloaking is possible because of a kind of duality between space and time in electromagnetic theory. In particular, the diffraction of a beam of light in space is mathematically equivalent to the temporal propagation of light through a dispersive medium. In other words, diffraction and dispersion are symmetric in spacetime. That immediately leads to […]

Apple gets another ridiculous patent: being able to rotate between landscape / portrait

Incredibly these were awarded, despite this technology being in use since the 1990s! Apple Wins Two Original iPhone Patents Regarding Rotation Heuristics – Patently Apple.

EU court determines that intermediary is responsible for authenticity of goods sold on site

Het Hof geeft preciseringen over de aansprakelijkheid van ondernemingen die op internet een elektronische marktplaats beheren voor de door hun gebruikers gepleegde merkinbreuken De nationale rechter moet deze ondernemingen kunnen gelasten om niet alleen maatregelen te nemen om de inbreuken op de intellectuele-eigendomsrechten te doen eindigen, maar ook om nieuwe inbreuken van die aard te […]

The fanless spinning heatsink: more efficient and immune to dust

There’s a fundamental flaw with fan-and-heatsink cooling systems: no matter how hard the fan blows, a boundary layer of motionless, highly-insulating air remains on the heatsink. You can increase the size of the heatsink and you can blow more air, but ultimately the boundary layer prevents the system from being efficient; it’s simply a physical […]

USAF F-22 Fleet grounded

The Air Force’s fleet of F-22 super-jets has been grounded for more than two months now, but service officials had no details Friday about when the F-22s may fly again or even when engineers could finish the investigation into the fighters’ onboard oxygen systems. via DoD Buzz AF: No word when F-22s could fly again. […]

Turn your DVD / Blu-ray player region free with these codes

DVD Player and Blu-ray Player region codes –

Use Open-Xchange to get your Facebook friends into Google+

Open-Xchange | Blog.

SpaceSimCentral | space and scifi gaming community

The space sim genre is not dead! New stuff does come out, and some of it looks very good indeed. SpaceSimCentral | Your space and scifi gaming community.

Last Space Shuttle Flight – STS-135. No replacement in sight.

Atlantis and its four astronauts left Earth for the final space shuttle mission, which will cap off an amazing 30-year program of exploration, which launched great observatories, built an International Space Station, and taught us more about how humans can live and work in space. With the International Space Station flying 220 miles high and […]

Centralised databases abused by > 300 police officers per year

Over 900 police officers and staff in the UK were subject to internal disciplinary procedures for breaching the Data Protection Act (DPA) over the past three years, the Big Brother Watch revealed. After putting in a host of Freedom of Information (FoI) requests with forces across the UK, the Big Brother Watched discovered 98 police […]

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